My Entire Shop In New Design :)

I just made this holder for my earrings for sale!
For me it looks like a painting :) A bit modern, isn't it :)

News On Etsy

You can find new bottle cap earrings in my shop, this time they are trying to be a bit extra :)


From a green bracelet :)

A friend of mine gave me a green beaded bracelet she didn't uses anymore and I made some earrings out of it :)
Here is some pics of them in the autumn afternoon sunshine of Budapest


SALE on adribeads OFF OFF

30-40 % off of the price of my earrings!
For special OFFers visit my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7681450


For a Friend <3

Lately I have been busy working and learning but I got myself some time to create a bit :) Especially for a friend of mine - Niki as presents :) I hope she liked them!


Little Sister

The green one was my first sell and that's why I spent my summer with jewelry making :) So I decided to reproduce it but of course I didn't want to make totally the same The white one is much smaller but I hope as nice as the previous one :)


I felt love :)

I had some brown felt left at home so I made something nicer of it :)

Little Ballet-Dancers

My new little favourites look like tiny ballet-dancers in black skirts :) They are very easy to make and look great when the sun shines through them <3


My Obsessions

This is my earring board in my old room with the earrings I actually wear :) Only about the half of it was made by me, but I love them so much :)


Yesterday was Busy

Yesterday I had some freetime so I made 10 new pairs :P
I mainly used findings I had for a long time, and I couldn't find out how to use them yet :)
There are red, black, green and blue ones
Check them out on etsy: vanegyadri.etsy.com


Yesterday News

Yesterday I decided to plug in my glue pistol and create something out of trash :) The result is 4 pairs of beautiful bottle cap earrings!
I love how sequins can sparkle in the sunshine!
Soon to be on Etsy :)


My first success on Etsy Yeah

I'm celebrating my first Etsy sell today :) Moreover it's 3 pairs for one time! Thank You, bonjourteaspoon!
I'm on Etsy for almost a month now but there was no sold, but in the end success came :)
It's also very good that I sold earrings I love myself too! I hope You like them too!


Beloved One

I once saw an earring in a boutique, it was a year ago but since then I was about to make something like that, so voila :)
For these earrings I first made the wire wrapped case then I used greenish glass beads inside, moreover the pearlish beads are Swarovskis!
I hope You like them so much I do!

Dear Visitor,

These are the pieces I made yesterday evening!
The first one is a thread earring of pink yellow and red thread, my first work with thread! I loved making the piece because it was easy to make but the result is so beautiful! Soon to be on etsy!
The second one is a simple one of wooden beads and blue plexie bead in the middle!
The making method of the third one is also new for me, but I wanted to try it for a long time! It was surprisingly simple! For this hoop I used memory wire and beautifully red glass beads!
The fourth one is for a friend of mine :) Because I sold one very much like this, but she loved it so much, I decided to do the same for her, there she goes :)
The other 3 is on etsy soon!
I hope You like them!

The Beggining

Hello Dear Visitor,

I'm a 20-year-old amateur artificer from Budapest, Hungary
My favorites are earrings, here I will show You my handmade pieces, so I hope You'll like them!
If You have any questions considering the method I used, don't hesitate to ask!

I hope You'll enjoy :)

<3 from Adri